The Grass Is Always Faster On The Other Side.

You can’t just go out for a run these days, there’s too much to do beforehand, during and after. As a newbie to this running lark finding the right app which suits my personal tastes has been like trying to find a needle in a haystack plus everyone is throwing their hand in with suggestions to what they use. Is it worth just using the built in Apple Watch workout app or is there one that works better also only having a series 1 watch means my choices are a little limited. So after 3 months of downloading, registering, de-registering I’m down to two front runners. Ha did you see what I did there!! Nike+Run Club of which works pretty good on my iPhone 7 and Apple Watch apart from it doesn’t show vitals like heartbeat using the phone and because the watch doesn’t have gps there’s no map when using that as a stand-alone. Yeah little things I know but it what makes you choose the ones you like.

But for now Nike is a bit out of favour due to a glitch which almost flattened my battery overnight as I mustn’t have closed it down correctly which brings me into my second and favourite choice for the moment, Runkeeper which at the moment seems to hit the spot as even though my watch isn’t gps fitted a map of my run does show up on the phone app after syncing. I also like being able to pause the app on either phone or watch when out running and vitals show up on both apps although I haven’t tried just the phone app on its own.

Now that I’ve got my running app there’s the Captain Oates thing “I’m just going outside, I maybe some time” but not just to your friends and family but all of your Twitter followers and Facebook entourage. “If I’m not back by … call the …”

Then when I’m back, the self praise starts. “Oh wow I just beat my record from 2 days ago but wasn’t as good as the one from 3 weeks ago.”

FFS sake I’m only running to lose some weight, there’s no intention joining some club and entering any races, well not for a long long time. I know my limit of how far I can push my 50+ year old body and I’m very proud of that

Run Run As Fast As You Can. You Can’t Catch Me I’m The Dredmann.

For a few years I’ve let my weight creep up and without realising the dreaded 100kg was passed sometime last year, still I carried on doing as I was doing, eating out, fast foods big portions and more than the occasional pint. But after too many profile views in the mirror times had to change so I set up the health app on my iPhone, put all the relevant info in and downloaded my first fitness app and started going for the occasional walk of 2-3 km. I also changed my diet slightly not totally gave up some foods but tried to keep calories under 2000 stopped drinking colas etc and drank more water even though I only drank the sugary drinks rarely. That was 8 months ago now after pushing myself going on longer walks I starting going for the odd run or two I must admit getting breathless after only 2-300m was somewhat off putting but perseverance and a little help from a visit to the doctors to help with the breathing problems and decent footwear I can now safely say running 2 to 3km non stop is more of a norm now and running 5km with one or two stops is getting easier each time.

The main thing about all this effort being put in I’m now seeing the benefits as a loss of 10kg and a good 10cm has gone from my waist. Now I regularly pass 10,000 steps and can burn anything from 400 to 800 calories a day.