I’m Like A Dog With Two Dicks

So after what seems an age, my favourite of all time band are going to  release not one but two new albums in the very near future. One as we know has already been announced. The much awaited Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg is destined to be released in September and yes I have got one on order. When It does fall through the letterbox, it will be examined very closely just to see if I can see myself. Yes I was there!! As I was for the last live dvd In Flames made all those years back in 2006 albeit at the “Scream for me Hammersmith” show, I’m still dreaming of seeing them at Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg.



(image from Nuclear Blast)


As I said earlier, the new studio album as about to be released in the hopefully not too distant future and what little snippets we’ve heard, its going to be a killer album.