Metal Nights In Malmo

Last April, the chance to  see two bands for the very first time came a very strong draw to  return to  the Swedish city of Malmo and another chance to travel over the superb Øresund Bridge which separates Denmark and Sweden.


After checking into our hotel, a visit to  one of the Bishops Arms for a well  needed refreshing pint of Founders All Day IPA and good ol’ fish and chips. If you like keg beer, the Bishops Arms is one hell of a pub with a bar that has so many different beers on tap  that you are like a dog with two dicks when you walk through the door.

Once our thirst and hunger had be sated, time to find the venue for the first of the two shows lined up for us. A twenty minute walk and we were there. Folkets Bar is a great little club venue, the type where band and fan can become one.

After enjoying My Dear Addiction’s set it was time to  see the reason we took the trip over to Malmo,  Eyes Wide Open an awesome metal band hailing from Karlstad. As well  as being a first for us, it was a first for the band with Erik Engstrad setting aside his guitar to take on the role of new vocalist as Patrik Fahlin had stepped down due to personal reasons.  I’m not sure if it was the venue was where it was or the event wasn’t promoted well  as the crowd that gathered for Eyes Wide Open wasn’t very big. Not as though it put the band off as they proceeded to play one of the best sets I have seen at any metal concert ever (yes I am biased by the way) with classics like Avalanche, New World Order, No More Stars and Blindead. Erik Engstrad is a true front man and the transition form guitarist was a fantastic choice for the band.


after the show I was very lucky to meet Erik and guitarist  Kristofer Strandberg



The second night meant a return to KB, where we spent two nights watching In Flames last October and to see a band I have been waiting to see for at least a decade, Spiritual Beggars and as a bonus the support was the awesome Gothenburg classic rock outfit, Saffire.

Michael Amott, Apollo Papathansio, Sharlee D’Angelo, Per Wiberg and Ludwig Witt performed with such aplomb and after witnessing the awesome tones of Apollo, I am even more in awe of his voice.  A twenty song set featuring songs like Dreamer, Hard Road, Fool’s Gold and Sunrise To Sundown wowed the audience from start to finish.