Much Metal In Manchester

The third of four times of watching In Flames on the Avenged Sevenfold/ Disturbed UK arena tour brought them to Manchester. A chance encounter with members of the band in a Northern Quarter bar was a very good start to the day. I even managed a few words with guitarist Björn Gelotte about how he felt the tour was going for them. 

A drink or two later and we had made the short journey to the night’s venue, Manchester Arena. There was no problem in getting inside this time as previously in Glasgow and Birmingham and I was ready for the show in plenty of time. Even had time to sit down before it started. In fact we all had to for some strange reason!

The nine song set, a good combination of new and old, at first got a mixed reaction from the crowd. The diehard In Flames fans like myself were from the start, singing and enthusiastically clapping along whenever requested by Anders Fridén or Niclas Engelin but it took time for Avenged Sevenfold or Disturbed fans to take to In Flames inimitable style of metal and to cap it all off circle pits appeared around the arena as the band ended the night with Take This Life. A definite high point of the night for me!

Photo  credits to amesswithoutwords on Instagram Please follow.