The Traveller

“Who are you?”

“Call me by my astral name” he replied, “as I have slain the body of black that carries no reflection”

The warrior stood up, grabbed a drinking horn, took a huge mouthful, wiped his mouth with his

sleeve and said “now am I worthy to eat food for the gods?” Lord Hypnos beckoned “sit down Wayfaerer and tell us your tale.

September’s here again and we need our spirits lifted in these darker times”.

Grabbing a joint of meat the warrior settled down.

“It was the winter of the last great storm, and for years I wandered circles holding on to what lie

got me through but a voice in my head said  ‘take a chance, they don’t come much bigger than this’

Rushing through thirty, getting older every day, I knew I had to fulfill my destiny. Grabbing my

mighty axe and trusty blade, I set out into the bleak dark night, the cold winter tore my skin and

blood froze my veins but still I forged on. Never did I lust for dance and the fire. The mountains in

the distance were black and cold with peaks of icy blue and the lonely road like a promise failing

miserably with every step of my weary legs.

Suddenly there was a sound from the shadows, a crack of a fallen branch. The wolves are here, the

beasts of the savage lands, they want to drink my blood and feast on my remains but not this time, I

am not ready to die and with a stroke of my blade the leader of the pack is dead on the ground and

the others sensing defeat, scatter back into the darkness. Bloodlust came upon me. Crying never dying it took over my body

and in this cold shadowed waste, I set off in pursuit of the pack and didn’t let off until every single one lay dead.

The morning I awoke oblivious to what happened the night before as though it had been a dream

until the blood on my sword reminded me of the reality of what did happen.

The mountains grew larger as I approached, between the two of my eyes

feverish fractal scar danced like they were on drugs as I realised the way forward was a labyrinth

made up of twisted branches from a dead forest. forcing my way through, past scores of corpses,

like a dead man banquet, the stench grew stronger and stronger. I knew I was getting close to its lair.

Thoughts entered my head. ‘If I persish nobody will know, as my mouth remains still’ NO! I must


The path through the mountains felt like an aeon and since the day of my departure the reality of

the quest grew stronger and my will to succeed forged my soul.

And there it was in all its hideous glory and me, a one-man struggle beneath the tower, standing

between total inhilation or saving the human race.

The other side of the platinum door, which lay slightly open, lay the fate of humanity. I stole inside

and kept to the shadows as I followed the stench of the inhuman being. A voice whispered ‘ How

come you see me as an enemy? We just think in different words. There’s no shame in being the fool,

I’ve been to places you’ll never find’ Suddenly out of the darkness, the beast, a hideous forlorn

creature stood in front of me, its black coal like eyes pierced into mine. I felt my life force being

taken from me. I had to be strong to resist. Against the grain, against the odds I rose and didn’t trip

again. Within a moment, my sword was unsheathed and in a blink of an eye, the blade found its way

and the head of the monster lay on the ground. The darkness lifted, I inhaled the light and relaxed

for some time before picking up the head of Jotun and placing it in this sack I have with me now.

Thrusting his hand into the sack, the warrior took out the head and placed it on the table to a gasp

from the gathered throng. “Now am I worthy to eat the food of the gods?”