There’s More Than Meets The Eye.

Another trip to our beloved city of Gothenburg started a little different this time. A decision to take an evening flight to bring the cost down resulted in an all out panic on my behalf. What if this? What if that? All worries over when we reached the chosen hotel for the three days stay, a new place this time,  Hotel Eggars one of the older hotels in the city with plenty of traditional features.



Up the next day, breakfast in our bellys and a 3 day tram and bus pass in our wallets, a trip to IKEA Bäckebol is the order of the day and see what new things they have to offer before we see them at home. Oh the excitement!


To be honest that was all a little prelude to what was the main event of the day, another visit to Restaurant 2112  for some awesome burgers and beers. I think we must have been there so often, we’re part of the furniture now!!




Next day a little treat for myself, a visit to Sharpers Barbershop for my first ever professional beard trim and my word what an experience that was.


Later we met up with a good friend who very kindly took us on a road trip around the Majorna, Saltholmen, Klippan and Masthugget districts of Gothenburg telling us of the ship building history of the area and how the different places were named, very lovely areas not frequented by tourists but they definitely should be as its only a 10 minute tram ride out of the city.


Views of the city from Masthuggskyrkan

Röda Sten