UFO Warrington Parr Hall 2016.

Its not often the band that set you on the chosen musical path plays in your local town, well five miles away local. UFO were in town and there was no way i was going to miss this one for the world, I mean, my teenage years were spent idolising Schenker, Way

and Mogg.

I have to admit when Phil Mogg came on stage tonight, I thought could he last the night out? His frail body just didn’t seem to be able to and his voice just didn’t reach out like it should. I saw them only a couple of years ago in Gothenburg and he was on top form there. On hindsight though as the concert progressed, Phil was very impressive, always the showman, conversing with the audience frequently, even joking about the last album going “cardboard”.

The set was a fine mix of old and new including Lights Out, Love To Love, Cherry, Only You Can Rock Me, Rock Botton, Doctor Doctor Shoot Shoot and Ain’t No Baby from the Obsession album getting a rare airing.